Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Nagging headaches...

for about 2 weeks now on and off ... went to work yesterday with it and left at 2:45pm because I couldn't take it anymore and the painkillers didn't work either.

Off today (maybe back at work tomorrow) as still not feeling well. It's not really migraine as I don't have the other signs, but it's like a vice clamped around my head and fingers pressing into my eyesockets. DH suggests it could be actually sinusitis (without the "gunk" as my nose is more or less dry). Got an appointment on Friday and will see what they are saying.

Really have to get some crafty stuff done by Saturday ... my CJ entry and introduction and sign in pages and a Mother's Day Card for MIL. Why do the Brits insist on celebrating Mother's day on another day than everyone else??? Because of this I either send her the card 2 months late or my Mutsch and stepmom get theirs 2 months early!!! Might have a go at scrapping/card making/CJing later today. Right now I am in the mood for Xstitching again. :D

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Joanne Cowie said...

I hate that kind of headache, you could try asking at the chemist for syndol (i think) it has a kind of relaxant stuff in for tension headaches and I found that worked when plain paracetamol had given up. Good luck with the appointment on friday