Monday, 4 February 2008

Super Bowl aftermath...

To be honest ... I am very surprised I've not fallen asleep yet...

Got up yesterday at 9:30am for Senior training (11:30am - 4.30pm), went back home to sort out things for the Super Bowl party (mainly orders from players for photos from last year's games) and then we went to Sportsters to set up the place (1/2 hour late).

Fortunately we had some of our "new vets" (i.e. rookies who played the first full season last season) helping out with setting up the place (thanks to Jamie, Jamie's pal, Kenny, Callum, James & Sid). With 3 "official" Super Bowl parties in the city yesterday and the fact that Sportsters didn't sell as much tickets as we thought they would (from previous years' experience) we had already the worst fears about our fund raising abilities - Super Bowl is our biggest fund raiser each year (and in the past the ONLY fund raiser).

But as the weather wasn't as bad as we expected and despite the Six Nations Game on (we actually had lots of Rugby fans through the door) we actually had a good attendance and made good money thanks to the guys above doing the rounds with raffle tickets and a "win a pint" thing and my friend Olivia, who took the job of doing a "yard sale" (i.e. fans can pick the yard marker where the ball is at the end of the 1st Quarter - last minute decision to do that sweepstake by the GM with suggestion from the league board I think) and then later helped me sorting/counting money.

I didn't see much of the game, although I was sitting in a booth with the TV in the glass table. Mostly because I was folding raffle tickets and the "names in the hat" for the "win a pint" thing. And the frequent dash to and from the door to deal with the money, and getting asked several questions from new players and also handling the handing out of our old jerseys so that the fans could identify members of the team.

It wasn't much of a problem, as I didn't really like either team, but with Lawrence Tynes
(Scottish Kicker for the New York Giants) and the fact that the Pats (New England Patriots) have been running up the scores all season I probably favoured the Giants to win. Even if every single game I've seen them playing live have been snoozefests and very low scoring!!


The game was really undecided until end of the 4th Quarter, so unlike last year we had lots of people at the end of the game and therefore more rush to pack up things. :) Arrived home at 4am and I fell asleep around 4:30am - just to have my phone alarm going off at 10:30am.

We had our 3rd annual "Wolves Post-Superbowl Recovery Pizza Hut Binge" (as per coach Campbell) with 7 other players (well ... there were supposed to be 15 players plus us but the rest probably is still asleep or intoxicated!! ;) ).

Quick dash to Lidl to get stuff for DH's lunches, nearly fell asleep on the bus, got home, made dinner (which we haven't touched as we're still full from the pizza), lunches and breakfast for DH and am effectively sitting in bed since 6pm, watching TV and catching up with online stuff (as I didn't had much time yesterday).

But I think this is pretty much it now ... getting past tired and I know that's no good ... better get to sleep soon-ish, otherwise I will be falling asleep at work tomorrow. :o

Oh ... a little tidbit for you... :) If you like it, the DVD is for sale at the Edinburgh Wolves Shop! :)


Pam said...

Hiya Kat- you've been tagged- you need to pop over to my blog for details1

Joanne Cowie said...

Sounds like you had a good superbowl was thinking of you but too tired to stay up and watch.
Like the teaser for the wolves dvd as well.

Latharia said...

"aftermath" is right .... sounds downright exhausting!!!!! :)

We've got some more snow over here...still not as much as I'd like, but a decent amount. :D