Monday, 9 July 2007

Time for a change...

Well, it's the annual "ritual" of getting a new hair style. :) I only need to go to a salon once a year to get the new style, and then my MIL will do the "maintenance". Not sure what style I want ... was wondering about a bob, but then... I'd like to have the hair long enough so I can get them in a pony tail (mainly for the baseball caps :D ).

Then the question is ... FRINGE or NO FRINGE?? I don't have a clue. And considering that those Hair magazines cost about £2.30 I think I'll wait until tomorrow after work to see Elaine at the Cube again, have a read through their magazines and then we will see...

So look out for a photo of the new hairstyle tomorrow!! :)

The first picture is with the hairband, the second is without.

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