Saturday, 28 July 2007


I can't believe it ... Doug's actually booked our holiday we've been trying to plan over the last month!!! :)

It's a cruise with Ocean Village, their "Temples and Tavernas" one. Plan is for me to go down to visit Sharon and go to Ally Pally, and Doug will come down to London on the 3rd October ... the cruise/flights start on the 4th.

My first ever cruise ... and it looks like fun. It's a fairly leisurely cruise, no dinner banquets etc. So probably right up our route.

We wanted to do the "Marinas & Medinas" (Italy, Spain, Monaco, Tunis) because Doug fancied a trip to Carthage, but unfortunately it's only a 5 hour stay at Tunis and that wouldn't be enough time.

I quite fancied the Greek ones, either the Island hopping one plus Limassol and Ephesus (that would have only started around the 11th and Doug's only getting the first 2 weeks in October time off) or the one visiting Athens, Corfu etc.

Like the "Temples & Tavernas" one as it is going to Dubrovnik as well... brings back childhood memories ... we have been camping at Funtana a couple of years when I was about 8 I think :)



Lisa said...

wow Kat. the cruise looks amazing xx

Heather said...

Ooh - that looks a lovely holiday. Definitely something to look forward to!