Friday, 27 July 2007

No cinema then.... :(

Had a nice 1.5 hours with the girls & Kev at the Crags - had a baked potatoe with Tuna Mayo and a Soda & lime for £2.50!! Deffo cheaper than at work (which is just across the road)!! :D
Then took the #30 to get to the cinema, not before telling a couple from Michigan (Grand Rapids) how to get to the Grassmarket. Switched to a #1 after explaining them to find Castle Terrace and then got a phone call from Doug ... the 7pm and 8:15pm showing of "The Simpsons Movie" was sold out so we decided to go straight home.

Allan won't be home until after 10pm anyway as he got a job now (well done!!). Think I'll be off to read HP again once Criminal Minds is finished.

Early-ish night tonight as I have to get to work tomorrow (overtime) and I really really want to start at 10am. :(

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