Monday, 9 July 2007

It's kinda sunny here...

so I decided to make the best of it and "hoover" the lawn (calling it hoovering as we've got a flymo). Had quite long grass on the lower 1/2 of the grass, specially around the fence as DH didn't strim around the whole garden the last time he did it. Ach well, it works (specially with a new spool for the strimmer!!) and it's done now until next week (hopefully no rain then either).

I've been taking some photos of our blueberry bush (which seems to yield a LOT of berries this year!!!) and the raspberry canes (I believe we have so far 8 rasps there ... hopefully we get more!! :) ). My redcurrant bush doesn't seem to do anything. It's in the garden the 3rd year now and I thought it's supposed to yield berries now?? Anyone know anything about that? My little pear tree is growing slowly but surely as well ... that's another 3 year no yield, but doesn't matter. Think I will train it along the fence.

Hope our potatoes don't have blight ... prices for taters seem to go up because of the constant rain and flooding in UK (and apparently Western Europe!). Maybe our barrell does help there?

Little break just now before I am off to hang up more washing ... really have to make the best of the weather just now ... maybe that's our summer and we'll have autumn from tomorrow (rain, cold weather)?? Apparently it's supposed to be warm (up to 19 degrees) and sunny/cloudy again tomorrow ... can we believe the MET office?? :o

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