Monday, 2 July 2007


It's good, it's yummie, it's MORE-ISH!! :)

Chip suggested to us to try Quiznos whenever we see one, as it's better than subways apparently. He suggested it when he's been doing the little jobs around our house. We saw a Quiznos at the Metro Centre in Gateshead when we went down on our trip to Whitley Bay and Newcastle in May, but we had already put our hearts on dinner at Big Luke's (All you can eat BBQ ... not what we expected, and no need to rush back).

Today when we drove back up from Leicester we agreed we would swing by Quiznos just to check whether Chip is right. We had some Tuna Pasta salad from Asda (not nice, we had 1/2 between us and the rest and the 2nd went into the bin!), croissants and leftovers from our lunches from the convention (apples & crisps).

Arrived in Gateshead and Doug suggested we'd go to the Team Valley Centre to see whether we could find the Hobbycraft store. I went in, saw the Sizzlix Sunset Alphabet for £49 which I really quite liked but decided against purchasing it ... specially because I had been spending far too much in June already!!! But maybe the next time we go to Gateshead ... on the way to BritBowl maybe?? ;) Else there was nothing that jumped out at me - probably again the guilty conscience from spending far too much in June.

Made our way to the Metro Centre and this time just went to the blue car park and effectively went in, got our sandwiches and returned to the car.

Quiznos is similar to Subway. You select your bread, the size of your sandwich and the filling. Again, your choice of salad stuff. I had the Chicken Mestique (Chip recommended that one) and it was just YUMM!!! Doug had a Beef something (which funnily enough included a container of gravy!!) which was quite nice, too.

We had the sandwiches in the car as we wanted to get up the road again asap, and it was just fun. And yummie. Just hoping that we'll get a Quiznos in Edinburgh, but then we seem to have a Subway on every street corner now! :( GLASGOW is supposed to get one, and I know Chip (and now we as well) hopes it is there in time for the Wolves @ Glasgow game! ;)

So... whenever you come across a Quiznos - be it in US or in UK - go and try it. It's very nice!!!

And I've made yet another discovery!!! We went to ToysRUs while at the Metro Centre, and I nearly walked past this:



sharonfruit said...

OH MY GOD! How did I miss the Diddl post! Get me to Newcastle now!

S xx

pete said...


glasgow quizno's opening very soon (I walked past it's near Central Stn).