Friday, 27 July 2007

Busy Friday ....

mmmmh... think I should get used to this, with our schedule for August... :o

Have done:

*Doctors visit
*Sewn holes in 3 Game pants
*Sewn hole in Skirt
*Hoovered Kitchen
*Mopped kitchen
*fill dishwasher

Now what else to do today???

*hand sew button on work blouse
*meet workmates for a couple non-alcoholic drinks
*Have dinner (something small at the Crags)
*Meet D & A at 7pm for The Simpsons Movie

And tomorrow is not better....

*4 hours overtime
*help D & A sort out kit for away trip on Sunday
*Cook Dinner

But hey ... it's not tooooo bad. Just don't get any crafting done, and the new HP is still lying there with only 2 chapters read. TSK TSK TSK!!!


Heather said...

LOL - have you seen two of my blog entries from yesterday? A "to do" list (then a "completed" list) similar to your blog post today.

Good luck getting everything done. I hope you enjoy the film.

Lisa said...

you have been busy !!!!! how is HP coming along. I bought mine on wed and finished it last night.......... Had to ignore mark for a while but it was worth it xx