Wednesday, 4 July 2007

A nice evening out...

Haven't had much of these lately ... well, at least none that don't have anything to do with Wolves/BAFA/BAFL. Not saying that they are not nice, but it's a different crowd. :) And I always feel as if I have to take notes or at least remember things that were said. Job of a club secretary, eh?

Anyway, I arranged another meet with the ERI girls (i.e. women who are going through the whole IF/IVF/ICSI etc. and are on the Fertility Friends forum. We went to All Bar One on George Street (I got lost ... could BET that the Standing Order or The Dome have been an All Bar One at some point!!!) and were a nice crowd of 6 (Lorna, Maz and myself being already "oldtimers" at meets and probably at treatments and then Dawn, Jan and Karen as "newbies"). Decided to have a bit of rose (Pinot Grigio Blush ... or "Brush" as I called it after the first big glass!! :o ) and ordered a soda and lime just to be on the safe side... ;)

Was thinking of getting a salad as well, but as the other girls were hungry we decided to order 6 plates of tapas between us. And it was just YUMMIE!! Think I go back there. :)

Talk was just everything really ... treatment and questions from the ones who are just starting out with their treatment. And we spent 4 (!!!) hours just blethering. FUN!! Hope next time we don't wait too long with the next meet.

I've learned two important things this evening ... I am not used to alcohol anymore and it gets to my head after 2 big glasses of Pinot Grigio "Brush" ... LOL. And I love tapas. Spanish/Mexican version of "Dim Sum", so MUST be good! We had tacos (with sauces), chicken satay, quesadillas, pork dim sum, King Prawn Skewers and some beefy skewers. :) And Maz ordered bread and olives as well (which ended up just being eaten by the two of us ... and I usually don't like olives?!?!?)... :)

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