Saturday, 20 May 2006

Started Phase II of "Operation Little Wolf"

Had my scan on Thursday and was good to go onto phase II of the IVF treatment.

Got another snazzy bag (this time burgundy-ish red - Wolves colours ... LOL - looks a bit like a "men's handbag") and for the 2nd drug I can use a pen (like the one diabetics use). So it's really easy peasy ... although my tummy looks now like a pin cushion with lots of red dots on it as I have to do 2 injections per day now.

2nd drug does help with the side-effects of the 1st one though - I am not feeling so tired/exhausted/zapped anymore like I did all last week! PHEW!! Something good at least!

I have my next scan on Tuesday - will see if they have to change the dosage or if my eggs are growing according to plan ... :)

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sharonfruit said...

Good luck tomorrow hun! It's great that the second drug is helping deal with the side-effects of the first :o)