Thursday, 11 May 2006

Side effects kicking in...

There you go – 1.5 weeks into the treatment and I have full blown side effects … ranging from grumpyness (DH will vouch for that!!!), headaches (and that although I am drinking 2 litres water per day!) and hot flushes … I am SOOO glad that Kev at work has a fan!!

Today I didn’t go to work because my headaches from yesterday were still there and in addition I had cramps .. ugh! Really hate this and am getting to the point where I just want to hide in bed or at least at home. Didn’t realise how long work is taking out of me during this – because I was signed off last November. It’s really “zapping” me and all I can do is come home and flop onto the couch or bed … and I think DH doesn’t really understand that that is all I can do … he’s trying to get me to go to the gym … which I can understand and I want to do, but – to say it “Little Britain” way – “Body says no!”

Ah well, scan is planned for 18th to see if I can go on to phase 2 of the treatment … my “voodoo master” says that the drugs they use are very strong … now, I think I can tell a story about that!!! ;)

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