Tuesday, 23 May 2006

First stims scan today!

Had my first scan with the 2nd drug this morning (another day of getting up at 6:30am ... some people say I should get used to it - if the IVF works and all that... ;) ).

Everything is doing fine so far, my follies (follicles) are growing according to plan and they could spot 7 about a good size (i.e. 6+mm).

Next scan is Friday and then hopefully the EC next Wednexday or Friday. I really hope that I don't have to wait yet another week ... it seems sooo long since I started doing the injections (well.. ok... 23 days)!!

Cow Patrol was cancelled today due to crap weather. It was windy when I left work and we'd probably made it to the top of the Meadows and maybe to George's Square when the rain hit (but fortunately I was just getting home that time). It's weird weather for end of May - even for Scotland!!! Freezing cold and then hail!! Hope it changes soon.

Okay, gotta dash now ... want to watch CSI instead of just catching glimpses from the corner of my eyes ... :D

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sharonfruit said...

I am so excited for you, hun! Everything seems to be going along nicely :o)

See you later on this afternoon! I'll have the kettle on ;oD