Saturday, 27 May 2006

I must be mad - I miss WOLVES GAME DAYS

Mmmh… you would think I’d enjoy the “time off football” … but I don’t.

Somehow yesterday after a very bad department night out (I knew there was a reason why I usually didn’t go to them!!) I felt kinda empty. Something was missing.

Yes, I admit it – I am missing WOLVES GAME DAYS. Even though they are usually horribly stressful for both DH and I – but they were something I love. Doing the whole trainer prep and then seeing “my boys” on the pitch is just something else.

Missing the whole “Wolves – are you ready???!” (only works with Ali’s voice though – Lorne did it in 2004 but it didn’t sound right… ;) ) etc. Am I weird? Think the whole thing has become far too much a part of me and it’s hard to have a “timeout” for a year (if you don’t count the friendlies we hope to play this year).

DH says he doesn’t miss it (well.. okay, he usually got totally stressed out and hardly any game passed without him having a “hurricane”)… not sure if he understands what I am feeling/missing.

So, hopefully next year I can hear/see/feel the whole atmosphere again …


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