Monday, 15 May 2006

Bidding on E-bay again...

That's me up again in the wee hours to finish my bidding on 2 cryo cuffs (ice-like treatment) ... won one and the other one is still to finish in 3 mins. :) I MUST BE MAD!! :D

But then - it's cheaper for me to get these through E-bay from the US than buying them in the UK ... weird thing. In the US people buy them more frequently for just one usage ... while I just need one "cuff" for each joint (got the shoulder, won the knee and will get the ankle as well!! ;) ).

Ah... ok, missed out on the ankle ... tough. But that's ok, they will be back on again... and I can now go to bed to sleep until 7:30am - then it's injection and back to bed for a couple of hours ... interrupted sleep is not good for you, I know - but that's what I have to put up with for at least 3 more weeks ... :P

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