Monday, 29 May 2006

EC on Wednesday - EEEK!!!

Had my 3rd scan today and felt fairly apprehensive … specially when Dr Ding was counting the follies …. I believe it was 11 on the right and around 11 on the left … So I got scared that they would call off the whole thing and just do the EC (egg collection) and fertilize them and then “put them on ice”. Frosties (how we call them), however, have about 50% less success rate than normal IVF.

But all went fine, saw the nurse for the obligatory blood test and Ciara said she suspects that I will be ready for the EC on Wednesday.

When I phoned in at lunch to check the blood test result (to see what my Puregon dose will be and also to find out about the EC date this time) I spoke to Ciara who confirmed that the EC will be Wednesday … phew! The hormone levels seem to be ok as well, so it looks unlikely to be OHSS and just the EC but no ET (egg transfer).

So tonight it’s the last injection and then nothing tomorrow – I think it will feel weird as the whole “jabbing” was part of my daily routine for the last 29 days.

Feeling fairly upbeat just now but think I’ll get jitters tomorrow.

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