Thursday, 1 June 2006

Fairly good "Easter" ... ;)

Well... the OP yesterday was kinda interesting. We arrived at the clinic for 8am and OP was pencilled in for 9am. I saw Donna, one of the girls from the forum and wished her best luck - she was there for the pregnancy testing (which later turned out to be another negative for her ... (hugs)).

Went to another area of the ACU where they have a recovery room for 6 people. Got all changed and Laura (nurse) took my vitals (err.. yeah, I know my BMI is too high and I know that I am overweight ... :( )and got me ready to go. The anaestesist came through to talk about his work and then I got trolley-ed into the prep room with Irene (the token Scottish Nurse in EFREC) and then I got just knocked out... I was told that you still can talk and hear what the consultants say but ... nope, I was away with the fairies!! :) Probably as well, as Dr. Ding got 10 eggs out for me and everyone was happy with that (the woman next to me in the recovery room had only 4).

Came to at 10:10 and was still a bit dosey ... think it's the analgesia that's doing this to me .... Tried to have some tea and toast around 11am but still didn't feel too good - and after the OP in January I knew what to look out for.

But hey, I got out ok, we left the clinic at 1:20pm and then I got straight into bed - sleeping off the drugs.

I am still very sore and bloaty just now, but it's better than it was yesterday, and with my session at the acupuncturist I hope that this will go away again as well.

And ... SCORE!!! Out of the 10 eggs 8 fertilised and while 2 were too low graded we have 6 embies we can work with!! I.e. 2 back in and 4 to be put on ice... think that's very good.

Tomorrow is the transfer and then in the evening I have another acupuncture session... and then it's all feet up and take it easy ... and the dreaded 2ww (2 week wait)... mmmmmh...

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