Monday, 12 June 2006

Day 10 post ET

Phew ... didn't post anything for a week ...

I'm feeling ok, although I have nasty niggly headaches today ... Can't be dehydration as I have been drinking enough I'd think.

Had a scare yesterday - around lunch time I had period-like cramps and when I went to the loo I had very slight spotting - so I was feeling down and was about to give up. But then I read more notes on the 2WW diaries etc. on and found that it may be implantation bleed. Got a PM from one of the girls who have had ICSI at ERI (and who's now pregnant) and she confirmed she had the same pain and spotting .... and as no further spotting was there (apart from a very faint more brownish one early afternoon) I am back to positive.

Really hope that I will survive tomorrow and will get a BFP (big fat positive) on Wednesday. Won't do a pregnancy test as the HCG level can be still affected by the HCG injection I had to do 36 hrs before EC. Or could it? Ach well, don't have a test at home anyway, why spend money on it when I get the full result on Wednesday morning (well.. have to phone in the afternoon to get the result)?!?!

Have been taking things slowly last week - after my walk to Tesco's on Monday I had a break on Tuesday (with some ironing and doing the dishes) and then went by bus with Sharon to Dobbies to shop for DoCrafts offers. We had a nice lunch at Dobbies and then went on to Dalkeith (Paperlace) and bought stuff ... I got 4 packs of 8x8 card stock, got the Large Swirl Letters & Numbers (See D's Alphabets) and also got the free See D's alphabet ("Flower Power Alphabet") which would look nice on a Baby LO ...

Thursday I met with MIL to take pictures of places where FIL grew up in Edinburgh (for the album I am going to make and MIL printed one for the fathers day present as well). Also took a couple more pictures of the Cows ... DH and I want to walk the CowParade on 26th June (provided weather is good) as we're both off work that day.
After taking the pictures we went back to my inlaws where we had tea and DH and I got a haircut (MIL used to be a hairdresser).

Friday I had another day off but did again some ironing and a wash and did the washing up as well (well... did that every day).

Saturday was lazy day for DH and me (apart from him mowing the lawn and me doing some ironing).

Well... that's just a quick recap. Can't believe I haven't done much housework (but then - I am not really allowed to do much and should take it slowly and easy) or any SCRAPPING at all!!! Really have to do some scrapping tomorrow - finish my dad's birthday paper bag book (which is now 2 weeks delayed... :o ).

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sharonfruit said...

Big *hugz* for you! I've been thinking about you all weekend - fingers (and everything else) crossed for tomorrow.