Monday, 5 June 2006

Day 3 post ET

Mmmmh… agreed with DH I would walk to Tesco’s today, just to have a little exercise. Went all ok, although went a bit shopping mad … got 4 magazines (two of which being Pregnancy & Baby mags – after all, I am currently “a little bit preggy”) and some nectarines, salad and radishes plus 2 planting pots (plastic) … and that after all I wanted was milk!!! (got that as well of course).

Carrying the bag (not too heavy, bottles were in my rucksack) felt a bit like pulling a muscle in my tummy so was glad when I arrived home … but now I am worried that I have done too much and done something wrong etc. Checked, but no bleeding so still hoping….

2ww is CRAP! I tell you that!!! Any signs for pregnancy could be also a sign for AF (period) and could also be a side effect from the pessaries, which are a pain in the bum (no pun intended – they are not going up there!!! Sorry, tmi!). Somehow my b(.)(.)bs look enormous today, but think that’s just the bra I got on ….


I really want to be and stay pregnant sooo much!! And after all I went through because of treatment etc I think I should get a little positive outcome? Pretty please???? 

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