Saturday, 20 June 2015

Very productive Crop today!! :)

With some pondering we decided that I'd ask my fellow "cropper" Jenny if she's able to give me a lift today, which would mean hubby would have the car to pick up the Hobbitses and he could go shopping the same day (instead of all of us having to traipse out to the shops tomorrow). 

This meant I had to cut down on stuff to take to the crop (usually that involves 3 RuB boxes and several bags!!). So I stuck with 3 bags and my craft tote. I already made a plan yesterday what to do at the crop (1 father's day card for FIL, 1 get well soon card for a fellow Craftster, our monthly scrapbook layout challenge and I wanted to blackboard paint the lower part of the girls' leaving present for their nursery teachers). 

So ... more organised than usual (everything but the kitchen sink) I actually got EVERYTHING done bar the Get Well Soon card, but I made that decision already yesterday evening after cinema, as I didn't feel like getting my Cameo (Silhouette) set up and cardstock/paper out etc. 

Well... here we go ... 

1 Father's day card

One Layout challenge 

And one half - painted heart shaped box. :) It's blackboard paint, so maybe I'll let the girls draw something on it. There will be definitely writing on it as a "Thank you". The box will be filled with sweets/chocolates, and I'll get hubby to print some photos of the girls at work on Monday and then will modge podge them onto the lid. :) 

I originally thought of doing this as a present, but given that the school breaks up on Thursday I think the teachers wouldn't be too happy to have plants in the nursery or to split them up ... and fabric flowers are blimming dear (at least what I saw at Hobbycraft yesterday!!!). 

Soooo ... what does that mean for my list of craftiness??? 

Not much change really... :o 

  • Nursery teachers' presents for when the girls leave in less than 2 weeks (pinterest to the rescue ... I have now found an idea I quite like and hopefully get sorted!) - DONE
  • An order placed with Kat'sGeekKrafts for bags
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Erica
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Finlay
  • Wooly ghan for hubby's birthday
  • Wooly ghan for big sis (that will be most likely for Christmas, not her birthday)
  • OAHPT Swap for Ginny (got an idea, just have to get started now!)
  • Snow white pillow cover for Supergirl (thanks to Fandom in Stitches)
  • Sleeping beauty (or another princess ... she changes her mind often!) for Miss Martian
  • Coaster Set for HPC on Craftster
  • Coaster Set for Nerd Battles on Craftster
Instead I probably have to add a new item (although I need particulars first for it! ) to the list ... a friend has asked me if I'd be willing to make wedding invites for his pal. :o Now ... I've never looked into that on the price range, what do you think what I should charge?? Better get googling for that tonight!! :o 

Ok... so let's tentatively add
  • Wedding invites for Tigger's friend
to the craft list. And that's just the crafting for others ... I think I can ignore plans for crafting for myself for the time being... :o 

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