Saturday, 13 June 2015

Craftiness & Lists

YAY! I can tick off one of the Craftster swaps from my list! I have been crafty after all! ;)

This was a TM (not trade mark - TEESHA MOORE) patches swap - I got into that last year and quite like those little patches. Planning on getting lots together to make a Sewing machine cover ... or a tote bag ... or maybe a cover for the Cameo??? Endless options here! ;)  Some ideas for all of you who've not ventured into TM Patches... ;) 

But here you go ... my swap partners are unlikely to follow me on social media, so I think I can post the results here....

My first swap partner's themes I went for was Buddhism/Meditation and France/French:

This patch includes my first attempt at filling stitches. My dabbles into embroidery so far just covered back stitch and cross stitch.

 A very nice motto for life, I'd say! "Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly". In hindsight, I probably should have used one more strand of embroidery thread doubled up... :o 

My second swap partner's themes I picked were Running (Turtle Style - she only started running and liked the idea of the Turtle & Hare) and Doctor Who. It was obviously tempting for me to do two Who patches, but I decided against it. :) Challenging myself to other things...

Her chosen Doctor was the Eleventh - mostly because of the Ponds. So I decided to applique his Fez, embroidered the "Come along, Pond" and added a sonic screwdriver charm.

And here's my biggest challenge... I tried to iron transfer this wee cutie after tracing it straight from my PC. But somehow the trace didn't work out too great (*note to self - get another colour of iron transfer pens!!*). So I ended up having the turtle picture on my laptop and then free hand stitch the turtle. I quite like it, although the feet didn't work out as good as they should be. 

I hope my swap partners will like their patches either way. 

Sooooo ... from my crafty list that would leave now ... 
  • Nursery teachers' presents for when the girls leave in less than 2 weeks (pinterest to the rescue ... I have now found an idea I quite like and hopefully get sorted!)
  • An order placed with Kat'sGeekKrafts for bags
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Erica
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Finlay
  • Wooly ghan for hubby's birthday
  • Wooly ghan for big sis (that will be most likely for Christmas, not her birthday)
  • OAHPT Swap for Ginny (got an idea, just have to get started now!)
  • Snow white pillow cover for Supergirl (thanks to Fandom in Stitches)
  • Sleeping beauty (or another princess ... she changes her mind often!) for Miss Martian

As for crafting for myself ... mmmmh... I'm currently thinking of creating a list of my fandoms for the Fandom Bookshelf Quilt, which is derived from the Project of Doom Quilt on Fandom in Stitches. And I think I might just do one block each for the POD and for my fandoms ... once I sorted them through! Sooooo many fandoms!! ;) 

Some of the finished POD Quilts from round one (that was in 2011 I believe) can be found here ... and they're just FABULOUS!!

Ok... off to the PO to send my patches, and then working on the shopping list ... and maybe later working on the fandom list... ;)

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