Sunday, 7 June 2015

Thinking out loud ...

Mmmmh... I really wish Microsoft Live writer and Blogger would sort out their problems ... so much easier to write and then upload, but hey ... just have to be on blogger itself to update *gasp!* the blog. ;)

Some thoughts running through my head ... how many kids can we accommodate comfortably in our house/garden for the Hobbitses' birthday? I think taking everyone into account we may have 10 kinds around. Is that ok? We don't really want to have a big party this year with going somewhere and paying a lot of money - there's no need for it really. Garden, games and some sausages/potato salad/pasta salad was all I needed when I was a kid?! Only problem is of course that it's the two of them ... instead of just one kid, but so far they have the same friends, so no added numbers! ;)

And then for craftiness ... I'm currently thinking about a fandom bookshelf quilt, based on the PoD (Project of Doom) bookshelf quilt on Fandom In Stitches.  Was thinking of doing the PoD by itself and then do a Fandom quilt, but somehow am not sure about budget/time restraints ... :o  And yes, it's a totally new hobby for me ... paper piecing. And using my sewing machine more ... and doing some hand embroidery ... and all that. I also fancy a Doctor Who quilt (actually TWO ... one paper pieced one, and the embroidered one!) ... Damn you, Fandom In Stitches!! ;)  At least I can use fabric scraps up for the Fandom Bookshelf/PoD one.

What else? I have plans to crochet 2 summer hats for 2 babies born to friends. Have to find a nice pattern first and then get my act together. 

Planning on doing some pillow cases / quilts for the girls with the Disney princesses (yep... more paper piecing or embroidery from Fandom in Stitches).

And then... something for hubby's birthday in November involving wool. And something along the same lines for my big sis ... have to look into that though.

Ah! And I've got 2 swaps to do, too!! :)

Oh ... and of course not to forget scrapping ... Arrrghhh!!!

And of course all those crafty ideas come up when the Hobbitses are only 12 more days at nursery (plus one day *induction* at their new nursery and the big nursery picnic on the last day of nursery).

Thinking of that last statement... WHAAAA!!! Have to come up with something for the girls' nursery teachers as the girls won't be back at that nursery after summer!

They'll be finally at the nursery 5 mins walk from home! YAY! And not 20 mins driving with idiots/rowdies on the street and parking in a residential area with IDIOTS not knowing how to park/leave spaces etc.


Joanne said...

Wow you're having a really busy time, remember to breathe and sleep xx

Kat said...

What's that, Jo??? ;) Honestly, that's mostly PLANS ... who knows what I'm able to manage!!