Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tough workout but I managed it!!

Tried to figure out where the small shower room at work disappeared to, as the big ones are for office gym members only and I'm not going to pay for that! Got slightly annoyed but finally found the 2 showers available ... suppose they have to have "free" showers, in case someone cycles to work. ;)

Means I can do my regular Wednesday session for the "run" (jog) around Arthur's Seat ... provided it's not chucking down rain!!!

As for today - I had a triple session tonight ... first W1D2 which I upped to 8kph speed for the run (still feels like a jog). Managed the work out.

During Body Pump I upped the ante to 2.5kg each side for most moves bar the warm up (even for the triceps bar workout!). The single plate weight for triceps I upped to 5kg as well. Still can't do the lounges without help (now used the bar to steady myself and that worked ok-ish), and squats ... yeah, just ignore me with them. Not sure if my lordosis (quite a big invard curvature of my lumbar (lower) spine) is causing trouble ... got a bit painful in the lower back (and no - that's not a "nice" term for bum! ;) ).

Body Balance worked ok too, apart from the fact that I need a block for my knee for any moves where the knee's on the ground. Oh ... and my arms were too heavy... ;) Ah well... getting back into it.

Had a nice hot bath ... here's hoping that I'm fairly ok for Ceroc tomorrow!! :)

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