Monday, 7 June 2010

Quick update

Yup… I did it … :) Was fun, felt great afterwards, and am looking forward to Wednesday now. :)

The podcast definitely helped – I’ve downloaded two, will see if I’m trying the other one on Wednesday.

Speed-wise: warm up at 4.5kph, walk at 5.5 kph and jog at 7.6kph. Probably can crank it up to 8kph for the jog. Was running on the treadmill just to check speeds … funnily enough jog is there at 6kph (that’s fast walk for me) and walk at 3kph (geesh… that wasn’t even my cool down speed!).

Depending on weather I might actually go for a run in Holyrood Park on Wednesday during lunch break … just so I have a bit of a breather between that and Body Pump & Body Balance. :)

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Joanne said...

Well done again!