Friday, 29 January 2010

Weekly (umm!!) Me! :) 2010 Week 4

Outside my window… I can see the sun shining. FINALLY!!! :) And the garden needing work soon! :0

I am thinking...I’m going to shuffle about my to-do list for the next couple of days. ;) Enjoy a bit time off with a couple of household chores peppered in.

I am thankful for... the fact that my sinusitis seems to be on the way out… and that I did pass my exam and am now hold my Diploma in Sports Therapy!

From the kitchen...the smell of re-heated (and devoured) haggis is still lingering, and I can hear the dishwasher doing its work. :)   

I am wearing... jogging bottoms and a Wolves t-shirt. Just ready for the gym, whenever I plan on going (most likely some time between 6 and 9 ;) )

I am remembering...last week Tuesday & Wednesday I was all in tatters, my nerves all over the place and my head empty of anything I learned about Anatomy/Physiology and Therapy treatments! Is that really just one week ago???

I am creating...nothing yet. But I have plans to finally go back to my study and do some scrapping/card making this week. Oh … and I finished DH’s Miami Dolphins quilt. ;) 

I am my first ever hen night (well.. the dinner part of it) tomorrow … what am I going to give the bride-to-be? And what card am I going to make?   

I am currently reading...James Rollins’ “The last Oracle” and am nearly finished and ready for the next book! :)  
  I am find my Mojo in time for making a Hen Night card for Fi and to get some scrapping done!!!

I am hearing...several “pick me up” songs right now (not necessarily lyrics wise, but peppy-sound-wise): “Just say yes” – Snow Patrol, “Meet me Halfway” & “I got a feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas and “Bad Boys” – Alexandra Burke. 

Around the house...still a lot of stuff around, Wolves kit is back and we’re going to look into the NFL items collection for the Super Bowl party on the 7th.  

One of my favorite things… the lap trays AP got us for Christmas – quite handy for my laptop and dinner in the living rooms.

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