Saturday, 2 January 2010

Today I was partly studying…

yeah… really!!! :) Mainly physiology with a bit anatomy sprinkled in. Managed 4 hours, after I woke with a light migraine and spent time until 2pm to “diffuse” the headache (and it worked!).

Not sure the stuff is stuck in my brain yet (Physiology is so much harder to understand than anatomy! :o ) but repetition will help … and I am planning on studying 6 hours tomorrow and Monday.

Currently taking a bit of PC/TV time and then am hoping that I will get some scrapping done … really want to finish the JYC this time so I can start a totally new one in December. :)

Oh … I nearly managed to finish DH’s last present … my time was cut short before Xmas because of the constant driving around of the brown chair … :o

So … he got it as a Hogmanay present … my only quilt in 2009…  And as you can see, I HATE binding … think I’ll just get some of the tacky tape stuff to finish it off… ;)

IMG_0095 IMG_0096 (576 x 838)

DH is a Miami Dolphins fan, and I bought the fabric about 2 years ago. The backing is nice fleecy fabric.

And yes … I know there’s an error in it … HUH! Not too happy with that … but … ah well…


Lynz said...

Ooooh, I love it!!! And I wouldn't have noticed the mistake if you hadn't pointed it out - call it artistic license. Heh. Hope the studying goes well!

bonjen3 said...

This is lovely Kat, I didn't know you were talented in that department, it looks fab and to an untrained eye like mine, I cant see any "error"