Monday, 4 January 2010

Stumbled over this little song last month...

Yeah... not sure how long it's out but I just found it ... huh! Like it though.

And now I'm going to read a couple of pages in my book (still reading "Ice Limit" and have about 6 new books waiting to be read - that's apart from all those anatomy and physiology books that seem to pile up downstairs right now!!!) before switching off the light.

Tomorrow is my first day in the new department in my old work ... not sure if I actually posted an update on my working situation after end of November???

Anyway... back to the same company, different department, similar work, just this time pension admin for company pensions instead of personal pensions. Looks like I am going to be in the same team as one or two of my other friends, so that will be at least not too bad.

Working 3 days per week though instead of just 2 ... Tuesdays - Thursdays ... means I have to put more time into the days off with studying...


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