Monday, 18 January 2010

Can't wait for all this to be over!!

The usual... I want the exam to be over with. And hopefully with a good result.

Right now I am looking forward to doing some tidying (would you believe!!) and some gym work out (again... weird, eh?). And some crafting.

Kinda missing that. And I know I'll be reading my books, medical notes/websites etc ... it's just the EXAM ... and the thought of an EXAMINER!! Don't have a problem with actually doing the work on our players so far, but that's a different thing, isn't it???

Doesn't help that my body is against me ... keeping me awake with starting to revising after midnight when I want to sleep (brain's somehow going into overdrive!!), having headaches/migraines and cramps. JOY!!!

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to Glasgow on Wednesday ... and hope for the best! Still revising tonight and tomorrow after work (will go in early so I'm home for 4:30pm or so and do some practical on my 2 "models". ;)

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