Monday, 20 July 2009

What a day - and it's not even 2pm yet!!

Getting up early, dashing to RIE for a check up scan on my cysts. Lo and behold, no change really, apart it looks like a smaller one has now "morphed" with the big one. Joy!!

The whole thing with Dr T trying to get an answer from us regarding fresh/frozen cycle, treating the cyst ... what are we... Doctors??? They are so blimming non-committal, won't give any directions for us. :( Not a happy bunny. We've now decided that we'll look into cyst treatment, but that's a longer waiting time. DH has already looked into the 2 health insurances I kinda have and it seems they are just doing pay outs for smaller amounts. I have to double check my insurance with Reed again though. Used to be BUPA but they changed it this year.

This time it's most likely not just a drain but a "hollow out and stitch up" affair, which of course has the usual risks. It all depends, they can only make the decision when the do the keyhole surgery.

Dr T suggested frozen cycle and then IF it is successful my hormones would take care of the cyst anyway, but in my experience that's a HUGE IF! :( And the situation is right now we only have 3 frosties left. So a fresh cycle is on the cards eventually ... or we just have to accept the end of the road if the cyst treatment is not going well. Sorry, but being punished with infertility shouldn't be combined with things like that!!! GRRRRRR!!!

Treated myself to a Starbucks for breakfast after the scan (muffin & Choc Cream Blend) and picked up some team washing at the same time. Got home, had a quick MSN chat with a friend and then went to my dentist for my emergency appointment.

Oh, didn't mention that at all, right... :o Have been speaking to my dentist every time I've got a check up. I've got a crown or pin (not even sure what that is) which is in place for now 22 years (chipped my tooth during a migraine attack when I passed out due to pain - sounds worse than it is!). So this pin/crown is good German handicraft and my dentist is amazed every single check up that it's still all ok and no chips etc (think they usually have a shelf life of 5-7 years?!). We agreed to look into it next check up in December.

On Friday evening I opened a ink cartridge package (plastic bag) with my teeth (nothing new really) and that's when I felt a piece of tooth breaking off. Phoned my dentist - closed & referred to St. John's Road dentist, who were closed and referred me back to my dentist. 8-/ So we decided to contact the emergency dentists who told me to get an appointment beginning of the week if I don't have trouble with sensitivity or irritating my tongue/lip.

Well... fortunately my dentist had an emergency appointment free today, just back. She's still impressed with the original dentistry so we decided to just repair what was broken instead of putting a new pin/crown in. The tooth looks now like it was before it got chipped.

Of course I didn't take a photo of it before it was fixed. Bad scrapbooker! ;)

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