Sunday, 9 August 2009

Football Sunday... ;)

What a Sunday ... I had promised a couple of the Fusion Players (ex Junior Wolves) that I would come down to see their game at the Gateshead Senators, but when the HC (for both Fusion and Senior Wolves ;) ) told me they'd be picking up the guys at 7:45am at Musselburgh Junction I knew the only way for me to make it would be taking the car down myself.

DH agreed he'd come along, but he needed to go to training for subs collection etc. and I had one of our players needing me down for a quick "check up". That player didn't make it to training but I had another 2 on the bench instead... :o

We left training around 10:30 as planned and made it to Gateshead International Stadium just before Halftime... If only they'd be doing better with signs for that blimming thing we'd probably been there 30 mins earlier!! ;) And the roadworks around Torness Station are a joke - NOBODY WORKS THERE!!! :o There are not even CONES on the road ... but still 30 mph restriction... RIDICULOUS!!!

Was good to see the Fusion guys playing again. Well.. some of them are my "boys" anyway ... ;) Some of the ex Junior Wolves have been around with us for 2-3 years, so that's really a biggie! And then taking into account that we will have our first "graduates" from Youth to Senior for the 2010 season makes it all the more exciting (even though these graduates are not ex Junior Wolves yet ... they have 1-2 more years to go! ;) ).

Seeing my "friends" from up north didn't bother me too much (double header Youth & Seniors for the Senators)... ;) And speaking to some of the guys at the Senators Senior squad (including 1 of the 3 Youth guys who we met on the train up from London at the Dolphins - Giants game in 2007) was fun - specially Gary. :) Like that guy. :)

Final Result for the Fusion game was 14:8 for the Senators ... our boys kept them close, and I can only stress again and again that the Senators Youth team made it to the finals last year (didn't win the title, but were finalists!!) while the Fusion were only formed last year Autumn!! So I am really looking forward to next year when the team will have gelled more! :)

Due to the rest of the Scottish Teams pulling out of the league the Fusion kinda walked into the playoffs - I am not sure how that will work, dates and whether they are playing home or away. Just hoping that all will be going fine for that young team!!! :D

Will post a photo from the Youth game later... ;)

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