Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Shimelle's Class, photos and some crafty headaches...

After I had signed up for Shimelle's class "Cover to Cover" back in 2012 (the class is available self paced via Shimelle's website) and given I'm a "Shimelle- aholic" ;), it was clear to me to sign up for her newest class "The Scrapbook Process".

 I was thinking about the "album" process in my scrapbooking... I have an idea how to do it, and I like Shimelle's way of having her albums -(chronological albums (i.e. annual ones with just layouts using photos that were taken that particular year) and then have separate albums for special events (holidays, wedding, honeymoon, cruise etc - Shimelle calls them "upgrade albums")).

I've yet to do that though... as I've just been scrapping "ad hoc" and never really planned albums ... bar 1.5 albums for the Edinburgh Wolves. 

Now ... if we set aside the issue of TONS of photos unscrapped, no layouts planned at all etc ... 

I now came back from our Florida trip with
1500 - 2000 photos!!!

(I think... could be more ... between me and the Disney Photo Pass that is ...  haven't taken into account any photos taken by hubby or the inlaws!)

I've kinda amassed a lot of "We R Memory Keepers" divided 12x12 page protectors which I thought I'd use for this "planned" album ... I also thought of printing photos not only in my trusted 4x6 but also try 3x4 and a few bigger sizes (6x8 or bigger?) ... but how to select which photo to print in which size? 

To make matters "worse", I've got 300 print credits with photobox which will run out on 6 July... and I really would use them for the Disney/Florida photos (and I've already extended the time by 2 weeks to get the photos/sizes sorted and then start printing ... because I know fine well... 300 prints will only make a tiny dent into the big lot of photos!). 

The other "crafty headache" I have (today on top of very nasty endo pain and real headaches) is ... how to keep the album together? First I thought I hold everything together by Mickey's colour scheme (red, black, white and yellow), but we have been to Universal, Sea World and Legoland too, plus there are photos from the flight and the villa. 

Soooo ... how to keep it all together? Maybe I should just go with Shimelle's idea of a "camera" on every layout somewhere? 


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