Friday, 24 June 2016

Bloody HELL!!

Woke up this morning and hubby told me that the UK voted to leave the EU. Still not fully awake I thought he'd made a joke... but no... that's the result!

I can't believe the result, 52:48 ... this was about the pre-poll info we had yesterday ... 51:49 I think I quoted for REMAIN. But this time it's LEAVE.

My head is thumping, my stomach is in a twist and I tried my best to keep it together for the girls, but I heard so many people spouting rubbish on TV that I broke down in tears in front of them.

How am I to tell my nearly 5 year old twins WHY I am crying, WHY I am so angry? How do I explain to them all the uncertainties we have right now? How do I explain to them how people could make this decision and how that will impact THEIR LIFE?

How can the older generation, who has benefited from the EU A LOT make that decision and effectively take away what they received from their children/grandchildren?

How can people say "It's not about immigration" when quite clearly it is high on the list and was very high on the list for campaigning ... or should I say SCAREMONGERING?

Then there's the issue about money that's been paid to the EU ... Have the people who have voted OUT checked their facts? All the funding we get back from the EU? One of my friends fears that her brother and father will lose their job as their work is relying heavily on EU funding. Hubby's work relies on foreign students coming to Edinburgh.

Apparently without the EU will will miraculously have more funding for the NHS, less cuts at schools, more housing etc. Well...last time I checked budget cuts etc are NOT decided by the EU!

I am Angry... disappointed by the majority of the country I decided to call  my home, because I saw it as a tolerant, inclusive, melting pot of cultures and nationalities.

And there seems to be a lot of anti-German movement where people are saying nasty things about Angela Merkel and there's a lot of mentioning Nazis etc again.  Fortunately I haven't been at the end of those comments and hopefully won't be.

I am GLAD that I'm living in Scotland and not in England. The Scots have voted 62% to remain, and Edinburgh was 74%.

There is the possibility that we're getting another chance of an Independence Referendum,

Yet there are people spouting shite in interviews and on the Internet that Scotland shouldn't be allowed another referendum, because we voted to stay within the "union". Obviously they have NO CLUE that lots of people voted NO in the IndyRef  because there was scaremongering from Westminster that becoming independent would mean we would have to leave the EU/would have to apply for our own membership.

We, on the other hand, feared the current situation when putting our mark beside the YES box at the IndyRef.

One of my first posts on FB today was this:

People going on about democracy, and we should just accept the results.
Well, in my eyes the Scottish Votes never made any difference in Westminster decision. And that's why 45% of Scots voted YES in the IndyRef.
We didn't make a large dent in the Westminster elections, and we definitely didn't make a dent in the EU Ref despite voting 62% REMAIN.
Maybe they SHOULD have taken the EU Ref per different Home Nation!!
I am NOT happy with the result, and I DON'T think saying "it's a democratic decision" can brush over this! So NO, I'm NOT going to bow down like we were expected after the IndyRef and be happy and concede.
This was NOT a game, this has a much BIGGER impact on my family and friends than the IndyRef would have done.
As I said before... we have voted YES back then because we saw exactly THIS coming!!
We were told "how can you vote YES if there's the uncertainty of things". Well, thanks for giving me and my family EVEN MORE UNCERTAINTY with the BREXIT result!!

LEAVE parties retracting their promises, the stock market giving the Pound a blow.. all really as was to be expected...

We don't have any idea how that is going to affect us as a family of mixed nationalities. Hubby has been browsing the Internet this morning while checking poll results and said that it would cost us more than £1000 to get me UK citizenship.

We definitely will get dual citizenship for the girls.

We may consider moving away from the UK.

My parents are worried, hope that we're doing ok and of course are on tenterhooks about what is going to happen.

We don't know. We don't have the information. The majority of a country has voted for the unknown, for the uncertainty.

But at least up here in Scotland we have this:

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