Thursday, 23 June 2016

EU Referendum Day

I'm totally puzzled at that. Stumped, that people would even consider voting out of the EU. And the fact that the same people who gave us hassle in the Scottish Independence Referendum are now voting for "BREXIT" instead of "BREMAIN".

I am worried about the comments I've read on FB pages (not mine, fortunately) from people who want to leave. Comments that are very racist and painfully WRONG in their argument etc. There are honestly people out there who think that the EU is the source of all the wrong in their country. The EU is the reason for housing shortage, for NHS and school cuts/problems.

Apparently the EU immigrants are at fault for everything. The BREXIT people want a point system for immigration, like Australia has. European immigrants are taking away jobs and live on benefits. Or just come over to the UK to receive benefits.

All this sounds scarily like the comments I've heard in Germany way back when we had the Neonazis coming out of the woodwork. And that's probably why I'm really scared about this vote.

My friends told me again and again in the run up to today that there will be no majority for BREXIT, nobody would be that stupid.

Well... I just read somewhere that the polls state 51:49 for BREMAIN. In my eyes that's far too close for comfort!!

I'm living in the UK since October 1998. I have worked and have paid taxes from October 1998 until June 2011 (and that  end date only because of maternity leave and deciding to raise my girls as much as I can before going back to work, given that it took us 5 painful years to have them). I've been helping out at the girls' nursery, have been giving to charity etc.

I have other friends who, like me, work and live in the UK for more than 10 years. They didn't have any links to the UK but moved here anyway. I have other friends who are half British and have lived here since childhood, and because they have not applied for a UK passport are NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE. Like me.

Others told me I could have had the right to vote if I'd have applied for dual citizenship. But with us being in the EU - WHY THE HECK WOULD I HAVE TO? That's the whole thing of the EU, you don't have to have dual citizenship! Free movement between member states!

And yet ... there are BRITS who are NOT working and have NO NOTION of getting job, live on benefits and consider having more kids to get MORE benefits. And don't have a proper grasp of speaking or writing THEIR OWN LANGUAGE!

And they're allowed to vote.

Nationalism is NOT a very good thing. And blaming outsiders for your internal issues is not right. So ... I don't think it's the EU's fault that there are cuts in schools/NHS etc. That is your OWN government YOU have voted in (and while I'm allowed to vote in local elections, I'm not allowed to vote for national government).

There's again my thoughts that any person in politics should do it on voluntary basis ... or only get a capped salary (reasonably in comparison to the working society). No elitists in politics who get ridiculous salaries and decide to cut more for average earners!!

As for immigration - the migration from non-EU countries is higher than from EU countries. And on the flip side, the migration of Brits shows that EU countries are highest on the list for expats to retire to. Namely Spain.

There are skilled immigrants (doctors etc), and non-skilled immigrants. Lots of the non-skilled immigrants take up jobs lots of Brits (and in Germany lots of Germans to be honest!) feel beneath them (fruit picking, cleaning etc). I don't think that lots of people immigrate to live on the dole.

Another thing with the EU: How many people went for medical treatment to mainland Europe because the waiting lists in the UK are too long? How many people enjoy a quick holiday to EU countries because it's cheap?

I'm also annoyed at the hate that is going against Germany (and France) and the "influence" Germany has over the EU.

I'm not saying that all is sunshine etc in Germany, I know it's NOT. I know that it is a boiling pot and that nationalism/racism is raising it's ugly head again and again... I HATE that, and I am scared that it happens, and I'm worried about some comments from friends & family in Germany.

To be fair, I moved to the UK for work. Transfer between the Frankfurt office to the London office. I stayed because I thought that the Brits were more tolerant about immigrants and more of a cultural mix. I definitely thought that about the Scots I met (in the beginning through the NFL EUROPE - kinda in the name, eh?).

Now I'm sitting here and worry what this vote could mean for me & my family. And I really HATE the fact that I may have to look into dual nationality for my girls and me. Because we shouldn't be in this situation.

It is all so bloody backwards, going from very open and tolerant and INTERNATIONAL world to lots of nationalism and hate and racism and plain IDIOCY! And this blaming society, putting the blame to external factors instead of looking at their own country first!

I mean... what has the world come to where the UK considers leaving the EU and Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 frontrunner in the USA??!?!?!?!

I have to wait with baited breath for the outcome of the votes ... and then see what that means for me, my family and friends.

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