Wednesday, 4 September 2013

LSNED #4 - Terrible Twos 2.2

Ok, not the best in keeping up … think I just haven’t found yet what I learned the last two days but will work on it…

Today I learned that I shouldn’t try to go anywhere “new” with the Hobbits while they’re still suffering from colds/teething/nasty bottoms…

We went to Bookbug today for the first time in a year, and while the girls had been to the Library for a couple of times during that year, having to sit down and having soooo many kids around (mostly babies) was probably too much for them … Supergirl was crying through half of the session (it’s Rhyme Time effectively), while Miss Martian had a ball doing some actions after warming up and LOVED doing the “Sleeping Bunnies” twice!!

However, Miss Martian kicked off on the walk back home from the Library (in Hobbits Walk that’s 15 mins) and was CRYING all the way … and flopping periodically down to the ground so I had to carry her on the back of her reins. Supergirl on the other hand was all happy to walk and was even skipping about.

I was emotionally drained (think not many non-parents know what that feels like … and I think the working parent probably doesn’t necessarily either).

Now a sad day in the household too … Was really really fancying a pint of something nice and cold (Cider/Beer), and all we have in the cupboard is White wine …… VINEGAR!!! And a bottle of Baileys, but I don’t fancy creamy (have already a cuppa chai beside me).

AH WELL!!!! Sad smile

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