Sunday, 15 September 2013

Headache musings

Waking up at 5:30am ish due to a “nature call” is not nice, but I’m used to that really (either that or the girls waking me up). Realising that I have a thumping headache on the right temple area, not nice either, but something I tried to battle with mint oil on forehead, neck and back of the head (to cool). Still not being asleep at 5:56am and headache getting worse makes me think I should be taking my “whacky tabs” (not so whacky, really, just some stuff from the USA which helps me better than UK over the counter stuff) as we’re driving home from Dumfries & Galloway today and I should be at least a bit in “working order".  Still not able to sleep due to storm outside and the fact that whacky tabs have caffeine in them.

Getting up to check the Internet just to find that the storm must have knocked out the WiFi in the house or at least interfere with it… joy! Sad smile Phone reception for internet very sporadically here, so stuck with SKY (weird how much you can get used to a new TV system – we’re on Virgin with TiVo since our SKY dish toppled in a storm around Christmas in … errr… 2011 (?!? yes, girls were just 5 months back then)). Reverted to watch some C&C for inspiration… Winking smile

*updated at 7:06am*

I really really REALLY WANT A SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!! DAMN YOU, C&C!!!  Every time I see their show about it, I REALLY want it, then calm down as not the funds for it. Wonder if I should order it and get my mum to transfer money from our Euro Account (given that I wasn’t able to spend any money on scrapbooking stuff while in Germany as my local shop has closed and only does Internet orders now!)…

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