Thursday, 16 May 2013

I think they got it!!!

Today we decided to go swimming. Unfortunately, the weather in Germany is grey and overcast like at home, but at least the temperatures are higher!! Smile

So, indoor swimming instead of outdoor pool (doubt we’ll get to do that this trip at all), this time at the Rebstockbad as per suggestion from one of mum’s friends. The girls loved the kiddy pool with its slides. The temperature was nicely warm, and depth about 50 cm. They wore their armbands we got from Helga last year, which are round and you can inflate them. After a while, with me and hubby lying back in the pool, Supergirl got the hang of floating, she even put her feet up out of the water. Miss Martian followed suit soon, and because Supergirl was playing happily along with one of the other kids in the pool, Doug decided to take Miss Martian into the learning pool (cooler and deeper), which seemed a success, as they came back to get us. Both had fun in that pool, floating about, slightly trying to “paddle” around, so the next step was to take them into the “wave pool”, which has a slope going from nothing to very deep and where there are waves every 15 mins. Again the girls loved it, and when the waves were switched on, we retreated into a “cove” where there were still enough for the girls to bop around (only with parental help obviously).  Lots of squealing to be heard here!

After the waves we decided to have lunch, and while Supergirl decided to topple over with a camping chair (those plastic ones), she was fine and quickly calmed with a couple of chips.

We just had enough time to quickly take some photographs while the girls were in the wave pool to show they’re floating (I’m sooo glad that the German’s are not so overly CP as the Brits, so we CAN take photos of our own kids as long as no other kids/people are in the photos) and then we had to get out to get changed, as our time was up.

We’ll be going swimming again next week, but it will be an indoor pool again, as the weather forecast is dull and even the temperatures are not good for outdoor pools… Sad smile

There’s the hope they will float again, so we can get rid of their swim seats, as they hopefully won’t need them again (and it will give us a lot more space in suitcases or swim bags in future!!).

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