Monday, 6 May 2013

Blame it on the weather…

Been battling with cold bugs again the last 2 months – I blame the girls, who always LOVE sharing cold bugs with me (such nice kids, aren’t they? Winking smile ), and somehow the bug is always worse with me, like 6 months of dry coughs etc. The weird weather doesn’t really help either!

Been otherwise busy, too, with prepping hubby’s comic & toy mart selling stuff (spending evenings ticketing comic books – 6 boxes of them!) and all in all just not having the urge to blog. BAD!!

Right now in the “rush” to get things sorted for our family visit again, so just short note today while the girls are asleep – we have a PJ day for them (I really should have stayed in mine, too) as we all have runny/stuffy noses and I got headaches to go with it due to interrupted/short nights (Supergirl has nasty cough which *could* be croup – need doctors appointment tomorrow).

I haven’t been doing much scrapping lately, apart from the layout for the Chinese Whisper we run at our crop right now. I bought some things at Sincerely Yours though, including one 3 D-Ring album (my first, YAY!) and several packs of divided page protectors in different ways (I “blame” Shimelle for this). I also saw the first SN@P albums, which I am more partial to using than the SMASH books. Considering getting one (or more) for this year’s JYC.

As for not scrapping much – I really have to get into setting up page kits, but I think my embellies are giving me a headache. It’s still all a jumble in the spare bedroom (which is supposed to be the new study at some point – hopefully before we move it again when the girls want their own rooms!! Winking smile ), nothing really sorted, and I seem to have problems putting them into page kits or finding the right ones for layouts. Watching some “Glitter Girl” videos right now (the girls LOVE the “theme” music and always come running once I start a new video!) in hope of inspiration.

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