Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 1 : Things can only get better….

Arrival at the airport and being in the lounge were fine, the Hobbitses LOVE riding on the trunkies, and the amount of people who were looking at us and commenting was quite high. The girls did get a bit excited in the lounge, so we had to resort to an episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on the Archos.

The flight itself was fine, Supergirl and Daddy slept for a bit, Miss Martian decided to stay awake, needing to share my salad with me as well as my “Apfelschorle” (Apple juice with sparkling water – drink of choice for me in Germany). But the minute we touched down she was nodding off!! Fortunately, she woke up again once we walked into the main building (sleeping on my shoulder beforehand) and transferred the girls to the trunkies again (we’re soooo glad we asked Uncle Neil to get them as the girls’ Christmas presents, specially after the nightmare December trip to Germany!

Got picked up by my mum and big sis as usual, the girls were a bit shy at the beginning but warmed very quickly to their Oma and Tante Patsy.

Getting settled at my mum’s was quick, girls started playing with their toys, we had lots of fun, and then suddenly all hell broke loose when Doug announced his tummy was not right and dashed to the toilet.
24 hours later, and he’s had the first solids at dinner a couple of hours ago, any thoughts of rushing him to the hospital for emergency GP services (the one that used to be around my mum’s new flat where I was doing volunteer service 20 years ago does not exist anymore – THAT would have been handy, as it’s just around the block). Several times during the night we thought he’d need an saline drip, and he quarantined himself in the toilet (fortunately my mum’s new flat has a bathroom with a toilet, too), slept in those cramped quarters and only came to bed at 6pm.

For me it was not the best of nights, didn’t help that Supergirl was absolutely not going over until I took her with me into bed at 11pm – then she was out like a light within 30 mins!

Felt bad that I had to send my mum shopping for the girls yesterday evening (shops in Germany are CLOSED on Sundays) as well as getting some meds from the Emergency Pharmacy which is a service provided amongst a couple of towns around here, so you sometimes have to drive a bit to get your emergency meds/prescriptions.

Today it was mostly me and mum with the girls, while Doug caught up with sleep until 3pm. Girls a bit off their food (have to acclimatise to German food), but just ate less, not any other troubles. In the afternoon we took them to the play park we found in December just around the corner from my mum’s flat – it’s absolutely fabulous, and the girls LOVE it! Smile

Girls now in bed, Supergirl still kicking up fuss and not wanting to sleep, this time Doug’s looking after them.
After last night/this morning things can only get better…

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