Friday, 12 April 2013

Sharing with the girls…

Well… more the girls sharing with me … their viral infections that is. I’m really feeling ill, have a racking barking cough, stuffed nose and a headache to boot. Of course can only take the usual for it, and I hate it that I always seem to get the colds worse than the Hobbits! Surprised smile WHY?!?!

They have been “carted off” by their daddy to the grandparents this morning, and I mostly sat on the couch, catching up with my TV shows etc, putting files in the printing basket for Lidl photos (and deleting the basket again, as I want to sort through the photos first).

So, that’s so far it, just a quick update, although I am going to do some back dated blogging for the last 2 weeks I think. Just to keep the blog alive… Winking smile

Decided to stay away from the crop tomorrow, too, as I probably wouldn’t get much done with the cough, and I don’t want to pass on whatever I have to others (some of which are like me very susceptible  to picking up colds etc).

Let’s hope having a couple of days without the girls (Doug hopes to go to the zoo with the girls tomorrow to see the Penguins) will get me back onto the feet – until the next cold is coming around… Surprised smile

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Alison said...

Oh I do hope a couple of days rest does you good!
Alison xx