Monday, 15 April 2013

ARrrgh!!! Blimming Shockwave!!!

There we are … Hobbitses are both (!!!) asleep at the same (!!!) time, I’ve got some time to watch Shimelle’s videos on Youtube and play some ChefVille, and what happens? Shockwave happens – or not it seems!!

First I thought it’s all due to Chrome, so I switched back to Firefox, but it seems it’s just crashing anywhere!!! I’ve been putting up with that for the last couple of months, have been disabling/enabling/updating Shockwave etc, but it really royally pi$$e$ me off right now!!
Suggestions/help anyone??

Hoping to get at least some stuff working while the Hobbitses are still asleep, but with my luck they will wake up and demand attention the minute I get things working!!

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