Tuesday, 16 April 2013

And I call myself a Scrapbooker?!?!

Mmmh… Interesting statement, that. I *thought* I’m a scrapbooker, but while reading Prompt 3 of Shimelle’s “Cover to Cover” (identifying gaps), I realise I’m not. Maybe a trainee scrapper, but not a scrapbooker.
I’m good at taking PHOTOS for scrapbooking – yet fail to print them regularly to actually SCRAP events
I WAS good at “journalling” when I was a kid (had TONS of diaries – still have them up in the loft), WAS good at blogging up to a point, WAS good at updating Facebook with info that could be used as journalling, or at least as starting points/pointers.
I AM going to crops, just to end up making 1-2 layouts if at all, or a card … all that in about 4-5 hours… Surprised smile
I HAD sooooo many plans for scrapbooking, paper and digital:

  1. Scrap the individual years of the Wolves from 2002 – 2010 (and I managed 2002/2003 fully, but with missing journalling).
  2. Scrap the photos I took of the Stirling Clansmen in a photo yearbook so the students/alumni could purchase their own copy.
  3. Same plan as above for the Edinburgh Wolves seasons 2004 – 2010.
  4. Scrap about my experiences at BritBowl and the friends I/we made there
  5. And that’s just the football related stuff!!
  6. Add to that the usual: Wedding album, Honeymoon, Cruise, regular Holiday (vacation) albums, UK Album for trips away (if needed), My girls’ First year and our “Road to the Twins” struggle of 6 years, Day to day layouts, …
  7. Prior to 2011 I blamed football – my involvement didn’t give me much time to do anything else there.
  8. From 2011 onwards I “could” blame the Twins, but I know it’s not them … it’s actually stupid Facebook games which always draw me in.

Given the time I spend on the games (partly due to Shockwave issues, game issues etc), I think IF I’d organise myself to create page kits etc, I could actually scrap in the evenings while watching TV. Or get more than 1-2 layouts done at crops.

I won’t go cold turkey on the game – I’ve already stopped other games, now I just play ChefVille – but definitely won’t spend as much time anymore. Just to help friends out with their requests …even if it’s very tempting to get that German Restaurant section, the Shanty etc. Winking smile

Soooo … that’s the big blurb over now … Now I really need help … how do I do it? Where to start? How to do digital albums?

Any suggestions out there?

Oh … and anyone of my scrapping buddies know of a UK place who sells 12 x 12  3 D Ring albums fairly cheaply?

As for the Prompt 3 bit about gaps: Journalling, pages, photos … all/mostly missing (I ONLY scrapped Wolves layouts in the beginning, plus the odd non-Wolves related layout at Cyber Crops for challenges/classes…

Thanks for listening…

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Ann and Caroline said...

You are not alone Kat, I think many of us so called 'scrapbookers are in the same boat. I still keep saying I will do Billy's baby book and he is 8 next month!!
If you have a local TK MAXX try them for albums i regularly get 12 x 12 D-ring for £9.99 there. Good Luck Ax