Tuesday, 20 September 2011

“Tausend Jahre sind ein Tag” Translation

Specially for my friend Jan who asked for the translation.

Thousand Years are One Day - Udo Juergens
“Do you know how many stars there are?
And where the rivers flow to?
Say, why does rain fall?
Where’s the end of this world?
What was here a thousand years ago?
Why do wheels work?
Are clouds faster than the wind?
A child has so many questions…
Child, forget the questions,
You’re still to small for that,
You’re not yet ready for that,
That can still wait..
What is time? – What is time? – What is time?
A moment
An hour
Thousand years are one day!

(that’s the part they used for the German version of “Once upon time – man”. I didn’t even know the rest of the lyrics until I googled them for my blog post!! And that’s why I stop the translation here – sorry, Jan! Winking smile Just not used to the rest of the song so not that easy for me to translate. And if anyone knows a better translation or wants to translate the rest of the song – feel free to let me know…)

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