Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumn–back to football…

although this year it’s only the NFL kind. I’ll miss being with “my lads” from the Stirling Clansmen, they had their Returners Training Camp last weekend, usually the first opportunity for me to take photos. On nice days we may take the girls in the “tumbler” up to Stirling next Spring if it’s not too windy.

So – it’s back to NFL via Fox Sports Fantasy Football courtesy of Johnny’s league – and the “DC Girls” (that’ll be my team this year!) has already got one W(in) in the column. :) This means reading some blogs about player news etc, my 2 main “go to” guys on the Net are Michael Fabiano of NFL Fantasy Blogs and Gregg Easterbrook’s TMQ on ESPN. Reading in between feeds when I have time. Winking smile

Have to point out that my draft picks were mostly due to help from our friend Scott who was here during "draft evening" and gave hints and tips to both Doug (he's in my division with his own team, the "Wonder Twins". So - if anything is going wrong, Scott's getting the stick!! ;)

Else it’s only anything on Channel 4 (Sunday night games only) as DH decided not to get SKY SPORTS or ESPN this year – money towards the Twins. And listening to the Radio 5 Live commentary which is quite funny and keeps us awake during night feeds. LOL.

Anyway – yesterday was the first Miami Dolphins game of the regular season, and the girls got all geared up for it. Despite them not being able to watch it (wasn’t on terrestrial TV and it was the “Granny & Papa” night #1 of this week (we have the in-laws over twice a week until their holiday in October) so we – well, DH – can catch up a full night’s sleep for work).
IMG_0037 (363 x 600)IMG_0039 (380 x 600)
Kara (on the right) has already gained first right on the “I watch the Miami Dolphins with my Daddy” bib, as she’s been “watching” a pre-season game with her daddy (well… one night when she wouldn’t settle that is). Megan got one up on her when it comes to Grand Prix though. Winking smile


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