Friday, 19 November 2010

Workout! ;)

Due to meds I had to get up early today … and with headache couldn’t go back to sleep, so up since 7:30am. :(  Head’s still thumping, body is sore all over - been doing Fitpro/Les Mills Body Pump and Body Balance on Wednesday and was at Ceroc yesterday night.

To be honest, I’ve only had 2 instructors for the Les Mills classes who really “inspire” me to come back week after week! ;) One’s Pat who’s moved to Fife back in 2006 I believe, and my current instructor is Allan who just makes everything so fun (and believe me, I tried Body Pump with another instructor and they just made me go back to Allan’s class) ;) .

We’ve got a very “nasty” move included in the Shoulder track, the so called “Pec Dec” – have a look from 1.22 onwards … and the Pec Dec itself is from 4:00 onwards … OUUUUUUCH!!! But great workout!!! I only manage the 1kg – 1.5kg hand weights for that, but even body weight only is sometimes enough!!! :0

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And no ... that's NOT Allan! ;)

When I heard the song for it first, I was just reminded of the “Techno Phase” in my life … ;) Loooong time ago! ;) But to be honest, this track is really great for gym workouts and definitely the only thing keeping me going through the Pec Deck!!! ;)
Definitely will get the track and add to my MP3 for the gym! :)

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