Sunday, 21 November 2010

Crafty things

Well... hopefully able to post some more crafty results over the next weeks/months. ;)

Dani's Forum is doing a Advent Calendar again and here's my contribution to it:

AKW 2010 - meine Paeckchen

I had bigger plans for this, different packaging, but life got in the way and I really wasn't in the mood for anything that time ... glad I managed to get the box to Mellie though - and last thing I heard my Advent Calendar is on its way back to me now. :) Cannae wait!!

Other things - we had our November crop yesterday and I actually DID something else than blethering and looking at other people's stuff ... ;) Still searching for my crafting Mojo, mind....

I found the instructions from one of the ladies at Dani's forum, "Yosemite" who posted this Teabag book with instructions on her blog. She's really very talented and does a lot of nice instructions for crafty things on her blog, definitely worth looking!!

Tea bag book

I've used one of my favourite stamps from Whiff of Joy on there, Herb with Tea cup.

I've embossed it and partially used fine glitter on areas ... had bags with glitter for years in my stash but never used it until now!! :D

The inside of the tea bag book is below - I've given it enough space for 4 tea bags - but you could just duplicate the pattern for more if you want.

Tea bag book inside

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