Saturday, 11 September 2010

What a difference a team makes …

… Was a bit worried that the whole situation with the Wolves would have soured my passion for the sport, but being with the Stirling Clansmen yesterday at training camp Day 1 has taken those worries away.

It is really good to feel appreciated, the guys have been asking me how the summer was, how I am etc, the coaches are great as usual … Yes, it might be that it’s because it’s only season 2 for me with the Clan, there might be still the “bribery factor” of cake & photos (but then – the Wolves got that as well!), but we’ll see… ;)

Anyway – I had a great time with them, and am pretty sure I’ll enjoy the rest of the weekend taking photos for them as well.

Let’s hope the weather plays along though – driving to Stirling yesterday felt like driving through a veeeeery long car wash (M9)!!!

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Joanne said...

Glad your feeling happier, have a good weekend :)