Sunday, 12 September 2010

Busy busy Saturday...

What a day! ;) Didn't have to be at Stirling for the 2nd Day of Camp until 2:30pm, so had time to go to the Ceroc Scottish Champs 2010 for the Lucky Dip and Nikki & Dave's Intermediate Competition before dashing off.

I just love watching them dance, they are so in sync it's great!!!

At 1:55pm I left the venue to take photos at the Stirling Clansmen training camp (really have to look into options for shooting late at night - most pics after 6:30pm are blurry-ish! :( ), drove back home at 8:20pm to get some food, get changed and then head back out to the Scottish Champs Party where I danced my socks off until 12:30am. ;) Thanks to Dave, Steven, Nikki, Esther, Shirley and ... errm... yup, don't think I know his name  (oooops!!) for the dances!! :D

Now considering going to the Halloween Horrors Hop, given it's on 30th October 2010 and NOT on Halloween. ;) And MIGHT even compete in next year's Champs? Who knows ... ;)

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