Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Playing Tourist

Well, actually ... since I moved to Edinburgh I supposed that's what I am in London. :) A tourist/visitor.

After yesterday's trip down memory lane I wanted to do some sightseeing in the city centre. Things like St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey and Temple Church (and I was interested in it BEFORE "The Da Vinci Code" came out!) sprang to mind when I tried to figure out what to do. I don't get the fact that you have to pay entrance fees for the churches though - that puts off people to visit them I'd say. So ... it will be the usual looking from the outside, although one day I am going to pay the £8 - £13 for those places to see the INSIDE as well.

Went to meet Sharon for lunch before my sightseeing, and we had a nice chippy. Got a sole with chips and a ginger beer (that stuff grows on me, but I couldn't drink more than 1/2 pint really!). We wanted to go to Blade Rubber after Sharon's work, but in the end I was still trundling around places so we're going tomorrow.

Starting out from Holborn I decided to go to Camden Market where I popped into Whittard's - found a fabulous "create your own tea" station and did my own creation. BEWARE!!! Apparently you're not allowed to take photos inside Whittard's (just in case you steal some tea recipes????) ... at least that's what one of the sales assistants (non-native - but I am not having a go at that) told me - after I did take the photo on my phone. Sorry, but I think people get a bit over the top with all that stuff!

Walked down to the Thames where I took my first ever photograph of the London Eye and then I went on hunting for Temple Church. Quite hidden away that little gem, and those parks are a bit of a pain as well - one gate is open, while the other one is locked!!! But hey, I found it ... just to see it with scaffolding and a note on it that it's closed for that week. :( Ah well, I didn't want to pay the £8 whatever anyway. Wonder if Doug wants to see it on the 27th?

Bit of a stroll to St. Paul's - and SURPRISE!!! This time NO scaffolding on it!!! I think every time I've been to London since 1995 (?) I've seen it in scaffolding. Forgot how imposing it is - even just from the outside!!!

Took the tube from St. Paul's to Oxford street to clothes shopping ... needed some more socks and decided to pop into Primark and got some nice stuff there. Don't know why people are so anti Primark. Just the thing about status? How stupid is that? Why spend lots of money for socks if that place sells good stuff for less money?!?! (Wonder - have I been a Scot in a previous life??? LOL!!)

My legs are tired/hurting after 2 days of lots of walking (anyone having problems with pain in the hip area, specially around the greater trochanter of the femur when walking lots???) and getting more and more excited about the cruise!!! :)

Doug's arriving tomorrow at around 4pm - will meet up with Sharon for lunch to go to Blade Rubber and then pop back to Putney to pick up my bag and lug all my stuff to King's Cross - Doug's not too happy travelling in The Big Smoke and I really don't need him getting worked up about London tube traffic BEFORE our holiday!!! ;)

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