Saturday, 20 October 2007

Crop Day

Wasn't able to get a lift to the crop (Doug had to go to Sheffield and none of the other girls who sometimes give me a lift were available) so had to whittle down my own stash to take (was planning on doing something for the Advent Calendar Swap on the SBS Forum anyway), but still was a bit of a problem to lug all the stuff to Tollcross. Never thought the table cloths could be soooo heavy!!!

But made it there ok, and we have now a locker (teensy weensy one, but does hold some things ... the table cloths if nothing else... LOL) so that won't happen again.

Was a nice small group today, we had lots of call offs because of colds, work etc, wonder how many we'll have next month (which is going to be on 3rd November due to availability of Tollcross)??

Can't show a picture of what I've done as some of the girls from the forum are reading my blog... And we're not allowed to post our gifts as yet.

Planning on getting the box with the Advent Calendar sent on Monday ... should be no problem, even if I cannot finish the stuff today there's always tomorrow while Doug's watching NFL (Dolphins are on Sky ... AGAIN! ;) ).

Planning on doing some serious scrapping at the crop in 2 weeks though ... I haven't scrapped at all since June I think!! :o

1 comment:

Helen said...

I'll be there on the 3rd kat.With bells on! lol
I was gutted that i missed out yesterday.