Friday, 16 October 2015

RESULT!! Found the Geocache I first tried to find on 1 January 2009!!

We had a bit of a slow day today, given the Hobbitses decided to take 1 hour for eating porridge. That was okay with me, as I'm quite choked with the head cold ... again... still... whatever!

We took the car and parked in Belgrave Gardens to pop to the Wee Shop, to finally make our first purchases in Störtebäcker's physical shop. :) Got some pretzels for lunch (1 Salty for Supergirl, 1 Cheesy with Salami for Miss Martian and 1 cheesy for me ... errr... not pointing them ... just know that I probably have to halve my weekly points!! ;) ), cinnamon buns for the whole family and 2 slices of pear & almond cake for Doug and myself. :)

Then off to the UPS collection place to pick up my parcel from a Craftster Swapper with the "Back to Hogwarts" items for me.

Hobbitses decided we're having lunch up at Corstorphine Hill, so they can look for more autumn leaves (current obsession to bring home ...besides feathers, stones, acorns, beechnuts and branches...) and I decided to have a go at the elusive Geocache which started the physical geocaching trip for me.

Haggis Hunter's "Corstorphine Hill Tower" geocache was the first one on my list - I tried to find it on New Year's Day 2009 with Doug and our friend/lodger Allan, using no maps and an old phone with very questionable/doubtable GPS!

However, this time round it was a beeline to GZ (ground zero - nothing to do with 9/11 but geocaching jargon for cache site) and thanks to the clue (short & sweet) we found the cache VERY easily and quickly. Had to do a bit of playing around with Tigger & Eeyore to make sure the "Muggle family" sitting on a bench didn't get suspicious. ;)

After I signed the log book and took out the "trackable" (an item that needs to travel around from Geocache to Geocache - some have a set goal, for others it's more a "travel as far as possible) we had our pretzels. The girls then did a bit "climbing" time before we went back to the car.

I really think the GPS on my phone from 2009 was not up to scratch, given where we were searching back then and where we found the cache today ... ;)

EDIT: I just had a message from Haggis Hunter on Geocaching - his cache was only placed in May this year. The one I was searching for in 2009 has been "archived" (i.e. doesn't exist anymore). So this is still a mystery, but the new cache is in a beautiful location with nice view. :)

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