Friday, 30 October 2015

2015 Halloween Costumes for Twins - DONE!

We're still having an unbroken record of homemade Halloween Costumes for the girls, 4th year running!! :)

The girls only told me middle of September they wanted to go as Tigger & Eeyore instead of Supergirl & Miss Martian (the costumes from the Edinburgh Comic Con would have still fitted fine!!)...

So, trying to figure out how to make the ideas work I opted for tutus and hoodies (given Scottish weather around Halloween). We'll keep the tutus for visiting Mickey (and hopefully Eeyore & Tigger will make an appearance, too!) next year, but will change tops to T'shirts instead of hoodies (given Florida heat! ;) ).

Eeyore's costume was finished on Wednesday, and I decided to omit the tummy patches due to the hoodie pockets and the fact that I went with grey and should have gone with light pink & light yellow (for Tigger).

I bought Tigger's tutu from my friend Elaine as she still had a Halloween Witch's one left over (and colour scheme fitted with Tigger) and that cut down on time & cost a lot.

Tigger's stripes posed a bit of a problem, as kid's hoodie sleeves are blinking tight and really don't like my sewing machine ... I had to flunk a bit after trying to sew by hand (which was a debacle). I think I'll invest in one of those hand-held hem sewing machines once I find one coming up with a good price! ;)

Ok... here we are ...

2015 Halloween Costumes


Halloween 2014

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2012 ..

Ok... and there's something missing ... not sure if I didn't manage to get anything done for that due to illnesses or whatever ... but the girls didn't wear any costumes at all, so no shop bought stuff either. ;) Does that still count as "record" then? ;)

Halloween 2011

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